Have you ever thought of using Oracle cards in your business?

I use them for all sorts of things now. I recently wrote a post about this over on the Coaching Tools Company blog, which you can read here. I share a story of how the universe thought it was funny to play a game with me, and kept giving me a topic I didn’t want to write about! I thought I’d share a few more tips and an example to get you playing with your writing. 

I use cards in my Queen of Business Mastermind each week. It’s a lovely way to start the meeting, it gives people a little shot of inspiration, and sometimes instigates some great conversations.

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I worked with a friend of mine many years ago, and because she was a friend it was quite hard to get out of the ‘helping’ phase. You know, where you want to offer ‘friend advice’. I knew this wasn’t what she needed, so I whipped my phone out and pulled a few cards on an app, and used this as the basis for coaching. She had some fabulous breakthroughs.

Today I want to talk to you about using them to create content ideas.

1. Set an intention of what you want to create

When I’m stuck with what to teach on a training call, or Facebook post, newsletter, or blog post, I simply get a card deck out and allow that to inspire me.

So how do you do it?

  • Sit with the cards in your hand, ask the universe to send you guidance on what you want to create
  • Keep your dreamie client(s) in mind as you set your intention, that way you’ll get some clearer messages
  • Shuffle the deck and pull three cards

2. Go through the messages and pull out some keywords that pop out at you

As you flick through the cards you’ve pulled, you’ll want to notice which keywords/concepts pop out at you. Usually, your deck will have some extra wording that goes with the card. I don’t usually use everything that comes up. I just notice what resonates for me at the time.

I’ll share an example of this with you soon. 

3. Start writing

Write whatever comes up for you around the keywords that popped out.

Don’t filter, just allow yourself to free write. You might be surprised by how much actually comes up for you.

Let’s pretend right now that I need to write a blog post. Here’s how the process works in action:

Set Your Intention: I want to write a blog post about getting clients, but essentially the topic is around pricing

Note Your Dreamie Client’s Perspective: I want my client to feel confident around the services they offer

Pull Three Cards: You can just do one card, however, I find that three cards gives you juicier content (see footnote for cards I used):

So let’s say I want to write a post about my Queenies (as I call them) getting clients, specifically around her pricing. My Queen doesn’t want to come across as needy, she’s just lacking confidence when she invites someone to buy from her.

Let’s find out what cards come up (and no, these aren’t ones I’ve prepared earlier. I’m acting as if I’m really writing this as a blog post!)

1. Lion Spirit – Be generous of spirit

Key messages:

  • “You’ve been given the gift of pride and a healthy sense of worth to express your divine authentic self in a unique way.”
  • “Take pride in your ability to serve from the heart.”
  • “Many will benefit from the healthy expression of your unique set of gifts if you choose to work in partnership with Spirit.”

If I was writing a post about this for you, based on pricing, I would be writing key headers around the card to get some creative juices flowing. I would then write the ideas as my blog post. Here’s what I mean;

Unique offering: I would get you thinking about what parts of your services are unique, different to what everyone else is offering

Self-worth: I would get you thinking about how your self-worth might relate to the prices you’re charging

Years of experience: Building your confidence, I’d get you to consider how many years of experience, training, reading etc. you’d done around your topic area which you can then bring to helping your client as part of your package 

Benefits: I would help you recognise the benefits of working with you specifically

Serving from the heart: I would get you to consider what additional value-added items you could add to your packages, i.e. meditations, checklists, worksheets, templates

Partnership with the Universe: I would encourage you to think of intentions that you could set with the Universe to support you – bringing in a bit of manifesting magic!

2. Parrot Spirit – Watch Your Words

Key messages:

  • “Are you aware of what you’re saying to yourself and others?”
  • “Parrot Spirit shows up as a reminder to heed the words that flow from your mouth, your pen and your keyboard.”

Then, as before, I’d write some key headers. I’d ask myself here, “How does this relate to decision making around pricing?” That way, I’m always coming back to my original topic/intention for the post.

Link back to self-worth: I’d reiterate how your words can affect your self-worth, and get you to think through how you can use the power of your words to help you feel more confident with your pricing

Heed your words: I’d get you to start noticing where you need to improve what you’re saying, writing and typing

3. Deer Spirit – Take The Lead (reversed)

Key messages:

  • “Don’t let anyone bully you into something you’re uncomfortable with.”
  • “You have solid footing if you stand your ground with grace.”
  • “Today you need a tougher hide so that any compromises you make allow you to maintain your integrity.”

Again, key headers link to the overall topic.

  • Take the lead: I’d be talking about how you being Queen of your business means that you need to take control of the sales conversation. I’d share how really knowing the benefits of what you’re offering will help you not to buckle if someone comes across a bit bullish
  • Standing your ground with pricing: I’d explain that it’s much easier to stand your ground when you feel confident with your packages and pricing, and when you trust that if this particular client isn’t for you, then another one will come along that’s absolutely perfect for you.
  • Compromising: I would talk about how compromising on your packages, i.e. discounting, will over time dent your self-confidence, and you’ll possibly kick yourself for not charging what your services are worth!
  • Using oracle cards can really free up your mind, and help you to generate more creative ideas than you would if you just sat in front of your computer. It’s a way to stretch your brain into thinking slightly differently.

I hope it’s been useful in sharing how I use cards to write blog posts, training etc. I find it really helps me to come up with lots of different ideas that perhaps I wouldn’t have thought of if I’d have just stared at a blank page. 

Here’s a quick recap:

1. Set an intention of what you want to create

2. Go through the message and pull out some keywords that pop out at you

3. Start writing around those keywords and see what comes up

As with any writing, aim to get out of your own way and trust the process. What’s the best that could happen? You may get a one-liner/paragraph that you could share on social media, or you might even end up with a fabulously creative blog post!

I wonder, will you now play around with some oracle cards for your writing? If you do, drop me a note at ruby@rubymcguire.com and let me know how it worked out for you. If you use them already, I’d love to know how they help your creative process. 

PS. You don’t need to be a Queen on your own. If you want support, check out my Straighten Your Crown Sessions.

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