Imagine how empowered you’d feel stepping into the space of a successful business Queen right now.

What would that Queen do?

Would she be tinkering around on social media? It’s more likely she’d be doing what’s essential to build her Queendom. This is what’s called, ‘Acting as if’ in the Law of Attraction world. Acting as if is a very powerful manifesting tool. Essentially you embody the person you want to be.

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Assume you’re the Queen of Procrastination right now. We’ve all been there! Who would you be if you didn’t procrastinate? Maybe it’s a past version of you, or maybe it’s someone you know that seems to hardly ever procrastinate. What traits could you take from your fabulous past self or that person that seems to have it all together?

Maybe your goal is to invite in more clients. What would a successful business owner be doing to invite in more clients? A lot of successful business owners are very savvy with their time and resources. Maybe they’d do some strategic individual outreach to potential clients, perhaps they’d keep track of their income and expenditure on a regular basis, or spend time on creating some high-quality products.

This is your invitation to explore.

What would you like to create?

Who do you know that has already created this particular thing? (Whether it’s a behaviour, or a relationship, or a dream house) How could you embody that person now?
Here’s a simple 4-step framework for you:
  1. Know what you want – get crystal clarity
  2. Reverse engineer what you want – I’ll explain that next
  3. Play
  4. Believe (anything IS possible – the only limit is your imagination)

Let’s walk through each of the steps one-by-one

1. Know what you want – get crystal clarity

The Universe likes to play with you. If you don’t get absolute clarity about what you want, it’s likely that it will come to you in a different way.

I’ve had some funny things happen to me, like the time I asked for some beautiful flowers to be delivered to my door, only to open the box that arrived and find it was for my neighbour and not me! I hadn’t been specific enough.

2. Reverse Engineering

Choose something that you want to manifest, write it down

Remember, be clear, or you’ll end up with something like my ‘flower’ outcome!

Assume for a moment that you’ve already manifested your new dreamie clients

If you’re struggling to get that idea in your mind, then you might have to suspend disbelief for now that it’s not possible for you. Who do you know that has already achieved this? Act as if you’re them. What do you think they’d have done to attract new clients? What tasks could you do to get similar results for your biz?

Grab your notebook

At the bottom of the piece of paper, write down how many new dreamie clients you want to get. Next, write down the steps before that had to happen in order for you to attract them.

Here’s a few things you might consider …

  • Decide what packages you want to offer
  • Fix that wonky link on your website
  • Create a sales page
  • Set up a referral scheme
  • Ask past clients if they’d like to work with you
  • Create some content that talks about what you do
  • Send a newsletter offering your new services
  • Practice your selling skills so that you are confident on the call with your potential dreamie client
  • Sort your calendar so that the potential client can book easily for a call
  • Ask them if they’d like to book a session with you
  • Hold the call
  • Sign up a new client

3. Play

Make this a game. The Universe loves it when we are in a creative space of play, rather than grasping and trying to force things.

How can you make this whole getting clients thing fun?

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Set yourself a mini target of people to reach out to
  2. Create some fun graphics for your content
  3. Challenge yourself to reach out people you’ve worked with before to work with you again
  4. Write a list numbered 1-5 with gaps for your client names
  5. Buy yourself some gold stars and create a reward chart

4. Believe (anything IS possible – the only limit is your imagination)

This is my favourite bit. It takes you to the place of possibility. This isn’t just a ‘hope and cross your fingers’ thing. This is about taking action, and then believing that “this or something even more fabulous” can come your way, because you’re raising your vibration.

When you co-create with the Universe, magical things happen.

Here’s a quick reminder of the simple 4-step framework:

  1. Know what you want – get crystal clarity – Clarity is king, or in our case, Queen!
  2. Reverse engineer what you want. What happens just before your amazing outcome?
  3. Play – Make this fun, life doesn’t have to be super serious all the time!
  4. Believe (anything IS possible – the only limit is your imagination)

I’d love to hear how you get on. Email me at to let me know.

PS. You don’t need to be a Queen on your own. If you want support, check out my Straighten Your Crown Sessions.

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