You may know that recently I made the decision to reduce all of my social media. I took drastic action, closed my Facebook group, shut down my Instagram account, stopped most of my posting and decided to focus on 3 key areas to build my business instead – my podcast, blog and newsletter.

I’m not going mad! Why did I do this?

Well, it all started here with this blog post I wrote a while back. My love affair with social media took a dive and I wanted to do things differently. It didn’t change over time, so I took a programme with Alexandra Franzen last summer about how to do your marketing without social media.

In her programme, I realised that my clients were no longer coming from my group, but from guest articles I was writing, word of mouth and through my podcast, blog and newsletter. I also decided that I wanted to do things differently, so with an intake of breath, I started to clear down social media platforms. It’s not just the social media commenting and engaging that takes your time, but the rabbit hole you end up going down where you start checking out things other than what you’re meant to be doing!

I still have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, but I don’t invest much time on any of them, and I have plans to reduce more time on them. Pinterest is just for personal use really, although I might share a few blog post related pins in the future to drive traffic to my blog. I have kept LinkedIn as I’m Head of CPD for the IAPC&M (International Authority of Professional Coaching & Mentoring) and feel it’s a good fit right now. I also do get some clients from there too. Facebook is more for personal use and a place where I share my handmade cards for sale.

Tune into this episode to find out how I do things differently now. Here are a few key points that I chat through with Emma:

  • How you could be wasting years of your life on social media
  • Some of the fears that come up when you consider making the change to marketing in a different way
  • Giving yourself permission to run your business in your way
  • Considering what you could be doing instead of being online all the time
  • A strategy for bringing in clients without social media

Not convinced? Alex sent an email recently sharing that you spend 5.91* years of your life scrolling on social media. She’s got my attention!!!!! I’ve been in business for nearly 10 years, that’s potentially a year wasted on social media. I’m not willing to waste that amount of time online anymore. What could you be doing instead???

Because this is your one and only life. And maybe you don’t want to spend 5.91 years* of your life scrolling on social media. Maybe there’s something else you’d prefer to do with all that time instead.

 *If you use social media an “average” amount from age 30 to 90, it all adds up to nearly 6 years of your total lifespan.

Would you like to attract clients in an easy way, WITHOUT social media? You can! Learn how in my Marketing Without Social Media mini-guide. Starting today you can run your business in a different way, and claim your life back.

PS. If you’re feeling burnout from social media, I highly recommend Alex’s course, and no, I’m not on commission haha! She is the sweetest and kindest of souls and has made me completely rethink how I do business. I’m loving the process of getting my life back!

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