Rocking Your Visibility Interview – Kirsty Major

Today, I’m sharing a Rock Your Visibility Interview with you where I chat with Kirsty Major, of English With Kirsty,  all about how to be visible in your business. Kirsty’s got some great gems to share. Click the play button below to listen, or scroll down...

What To Do When Someone Copies You In Your Biz

Click the play button below to listen, or scroll down and click ‘Read full transcript’ if you prefer to read the post. [spp-player] Join my free FB community to connect with me and other fabulous solopreneurs to help you Rock Your Fabulous Biz....

Get Over Your Fear Of Video So You Can Be More Visible

Call to action: get over yourself and do a video already. If you’re in my group, share the video link with me, or tag me on my Facebook page, I’d love to come and cheer you on with pom-poms! [/spp-transcript]]]> PS. You don’t need to be a Queen on your own. If you...

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