If you want to have new clients in your business, the quickest way to do it is to have conversations.

Sounds simple, yet it is SO, SO effective.

What we do though, is we have one or two conversations, and then leave it there.

I went on a training programme many, many moons ago and they talked about selling, saying that when you follow up with someone, it’s often the 8th or 9th time that someone then chooses to buy from you. It takes time for people to know, like and trust you.

In my Queen of Business Mastermind, I’m currently running a Coffee Bean challenge around reaching out to past and potential clients to have a conversation with them. This is a strategy I use in my business often and it works so well.

The main difference between those businesses that are successful and those that aren’t is the action that the business owners take.

Reach out and have a conversation

Be really honest with yourself. When was the last time you reached out and had a conversation, inviting someone to either talk to you or work with you? 

Stop buying into the lie

Don’t buy into the lie that you can’t be successful. It’s not true.

Set your intentions but take action too!

If you work with the law of attraction, you can co-create with the universe what you want, but you can’t just sit there waiting for clients to come to you. You do still need to take the action.

Offer your services

A past mentor of mine, Matthew Kimberley, would say that you should reach out and offer your services to at least one person a day.

Be strategic

This isn’t about overworking, this is about working strategically to bring in the fabulous dreamies you want to bring in to your business.

Be okay with messing it up

Will you hold some conversations, and get it wrong? Absolutely! That’s how you learn though. You learn to perfect your message, to get absolute clarity around what you want to offer, and to create packages and services that people want to buy.

There are clients out there for you. You just have to connect with them. What if that one simple conversation is the start of a beautiful working relationship for you?

Today’s episode/blog post is intentionally short, the longer you’re sitting here listening to me, the less time you’re spending having conversations with potential dreamie clients. It’s time to get out there and start connecting.

Create some space in your diary to have some new conversations this week.

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