Client Praise

Some of the wonderful things my clients are saying after working with me.

Client Praise

Some of the things my clients are saying after coaching with me

“If you’re like me and feel overwhelmed by so many ‘experts’ giving advice on how to be successful in business, do yourself a favour and just get in touch with Ruby.

Not only is she a great business coach, helping you with products/packaging/pricing/content plus so much more, she’s also fantastic at helping you with your mindset and getting rid of any blocks/fears you might have.

This is so important because let’s face it, if your mindset isn’t great, no matter how hard you work at your business, it’s not going to be as successful as it could be.

She helped me clear blocks I didn’t even know I had!! With Ruby’s help I’ve set clear goals, I have a specific plan and I know what I need to do. I don’t feel like I’m on my own in my business anymore. Thanks so much Ruby McGuire x”

Kim Marshall

“Ruby is the Queen at getting you unstuck.

I’ve worked with Ruby over the past couple of years. Firstly as a member of her Rock Your Visibility programme and most recently in her Queen of Business Mastermind. Ruby has lots of tricks in her bag and I’ve seen so much transformation especially after NLP and EDT..

One prime example was when I had been doing a lot of deep, inner work around my visibility blocks and managed to bring in quite a few leads from a single Facebook post. I sent a number of proposals out following this but had a few rejections and this prevented me from following up and sending out my other proposals.

After a chat and some NLP with Ruby I felt unstuck, knew exactly what I needed to do, sent out the proposals and within 24 hours landed 3 new clients.

I also realised that I need to restructure my business and start charging my worth.

Ruby has a true gift of getting to the bottom of your problem and changing your mindset instantly which then impacts on your business and life.

I’m truly thankful to what Ruby has helped me with over the past couple of years, my business has gone from strength to strength and I have truly stepped up as Queen of my business 💕”

Lisa Pierce

“Ever since I completed Ruby’s Visibility Quiz and Masterclass I have been wanting to work with her, and this week that actually happened!

Although I’ve been successful in the past, I couldn’t get this new business off the ground due to the constant mind battle being fought between comparison-itis, not being good enough and fear of failure.

Ruby has a no-nonsense kick butt approach that is wrapped in incredible kindness, positivity and a desire to see you succeed. Along with a big bag of coaching tools, empathy and “knowing”, she transported me out of my rut and in to a place where I was back in touch with my vision and for the first time in over a yearI can see the way forward.

AND, as for my fear of failure…… I cant even remember what that feels like… it’s just gone! disappeared!

Highly highly recommend working with Ruby.

Thank you so much Ruby 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

Carol Evans

“Thank you Ruby for a fantastically helpful session. It was really useful to talk through what is going on in my business right now and actions that I can take to move everything forward. I have a great set of actions that I am actively working through that are really helping me to achieve what I want. Thank you once again for a great session. Have a wonderful day.”

Caroline Wellingham

Career Change Coach,

Discovery Call Magic has easily been one of the best investments I've made in my coaching business. Before I started the programme, I lacked confidence in my discovery call format, how to book them and, most importantly, how to convert them to paying clients. Within the first couple of days, I had booked four discovery calls and feel confident that I can convert some of them into paying clients. The scripts, tips and guidance from Ruby McGuire is so valuable (worth far more than the price of the programme). If you feel a little bit wobbly about discovery calls, this course is a must!

Emma Ward

I’ve recently had the pleasure of completing Ruby’s ‘Discovery Call Magic’ course. If anyone is struggling with calls then this is the course you need to do. It really helped me and I had a call earlier today which went like a dream. The mix of videos and handouts is also great. Thank you Ruby!

Jennifer Corcoran

“Before I started working with Ruby I was feeling really stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to move forward, how to make a plan or how I was going to make my business work. But since working with Ruby, I’ve gotten so much clarity and confidence. Clarity around my offerings, for example. I’ve literally overhauled all of my services and offerings. I went from offering just a single 1-1 service where I was giving everything away at a very low price. To now offering 3 additional services, including 2 high-end services. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to be able to offer those in the past. But Ruby has really helped me to step up in my business. She’s encouraged me to not only think big, but to act even bigger. She’s made me realise that if I want to be the changemaker and have the big influence on the world that I really want to, then I need to step up and be that person now! This also gave me the confidence to launch a membership site. This had been something I thought would be years down the road for me. But with Ruby’s help, it all went from idea to launch in the space of 3 weeks! And it’s been a great success. Something else Ruby is amazing at is mindset work. Sure, before I started working with her, I knew mindset was important. But Ruby brought my mindset to a whole new level. And she’s got an unbelievably brilliant bag of mindset tricks that she brings out exactly at the right time whenever you’re feeling stuck and really need them. I can’t recommend working with Ruby enough. She’s a brilliant coach, amazing mentor, a master of mindset, and an all around incredible, wonderful, generous, fun person too. Do yourself and your business a favour and work with Ruby. You won’t regret it”

Noleen Sliney

Professional Makeup Artist & Founder of Natural Beauty Society,,

“Ruby, thanks so much for your time last year. Every bit of learning, work I’ve had has made a huge difference to where I am now. I truly and genuinely appreciate your help and support. 18 m ago I was in a lot of debt, working hard with a lot of work on. Paid the debt off and over the past year now have 5-figure savings. I can’t believe it.”


“Working with Ruby was such an incredible experience! I felt so comfortable immediately as she thoroughly explained the process of our session. I had expectations to gain clarity and Ruby brought me beyond what I imagined. I was able to get to the real issue that has been holding me back from becoming more visible in my life and business. She cultivated such a caring and safe space for me to really explore my situation in such a deep and profound manner. I definitely recommend and refer women to Ruby! She is a treasure to me! I am grateful for her work in the world!

Michelle Durrand

“I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Ruby McGuire – ‘Rock Your Visibility’

I had the great, good fortune to work with Ruby recently and she blew me away!
If there was ever a time to take risks, dare to try, believe in ourselves, cross lines, rock boats, rock the boat of our deeply held beliefs of who we think we are being and birth a new paradigm for ourselves, all the while recognising the true power that lies beneath the shadows and celebrating what we’re made of – it’s now. Ruby’s skills are awesome! She expertly, gently, fiercely and always with love, took me to the brink of where I needed to go, places I was fearful of going on my own, a place where my freedom lay always before me, just out of reach.
Thank you Ruby, the work you do is deeply beautiful, immensely powerful and life changing. Thank you for you.”
Pam Wood

“I am ecstatically exhausted after 2.5 hour strategy session with Visibility Queen, Ruby McGuire.

I love having a coach that you can work with over a long period (2 years now!) who can see your blind spots, celebrate your successes and give you a verbal slap when you need it.
I now have 6 pages of notes, a few diagrams, key features mapped out and two blog posts outlined, a 5 day challenge and my digital content strategy for the next 12 months.
We have these sessions about once or twice a year, and although intense, they shift my business forward massively.
There is quite a bit of work ahead, but my number one goal…keep up writing my novel, 18K words in 20 days, this baby is just flowing out of me.
Thanks Ruby for your patience, insightful questions and gentle coaching.”
Kate Marillat

“Ruby is generous, knowledgable and fun. Working with her today helped me get clear and get on with what I needed to do.

Simone Vale

Well half an hour with Ruby and I’ve got more clarity and trust in my biz than I’ve had since I started. She really IS a ninja!!

Colette Reilly

“I had a great one hour with Ruby !

She is very clear and helpful with the right ways to be visible and a lovely person to talk to as well”
Dr Shivani Sood

“Ruby became my business coach in 2014. What drew me to Ruby was her energized personality, colorful website and the different programs she offered to help new coaches get their businesses up and running. Her honesty about it is not going to be easy and sharing her own struggles. The visibility program has been amazing and she holds us accountable to take action to be more visible with our business.

She has been there and has done it, which makes her the best coach because she has actually lived it. Ruby is full of life and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise.”
Patti Osvarek, US

Coaching For Inspiration With Patti

“I just read a post in another group which suggested we thanked the person who has made the biggest difference to us on our business journey! SO- drum roll ……. I choose to thank you Ruby! If I had not attended your Cappuccino sessions, joined your FB reading group, signed up for Coaching Rocks Bootcamp and Cappuccino Coaching club I honestly don’t even know if I would have trained as a coach let alone have my own business now! My Visibility still needs lots of work but hey, you’ve even got that covered 🙂 I know too that I have and had SOoo many gaps in my knowledge- so as well as thanking you for all your wonderful courses and hand holding, I’d also like to thank you for your patience and for never making me feel stupid! THANKYOU Ruby! X

Anna Jones

“Ruby is awesome at what she does. She has a lot of know-how and really understands the business side of selling services. She moved me from a place of confusion after several failed businesses and focused my energy on a lifestyle and a business I am happy with. I now travel the world and help people reach fulfillment… And the beautiful thing about it is I had this up and running in three week. Under Ruby’s reigns, I was able to powerhouse in the right direction rather than focusing my energy in several half-heartedly. Looking forward to doing the Visibility to Profitability so I can officially be the go-to person for adventures looking to escape the 9-5! Thanks once again!”

Dina Pyramid Coaching

Facilitator of Adventure, Fulfillment and Fun, Dina Pyramid Coaching

“I freakin’ love working with Ruby.  She makes our sessions light hearted and fun.  I always walk away feeling excited and ready to ‘get stuck in’. Her ability to empathise with the struggles and doubts you face as a business owner, and her never waning enthusiasm make me feel like she always has my back.  She also offers a good butt kicking when I need one.  As a result I’ve progressed massively since starting our working relationship.  I am now confident in my abilities, and happy and excited to share my love of coaching with the world.”

Antonina Andreeva, UK

The Coachinista

I was struggling to work out quite how to speak to my ideal client; I had her fairly well defined but that last bit was missing. I had a Skype chat with Ruby and a few things she said really hit the nail on the head. Small changes in my language both to myself and in my promo materials mean I feel much more confident about finding the right people”

Emma Barclay

This is so true, self doubt. OUT! Your coaching has always been fantastically helpful to eradicate this, especially NLP

Rebecca Boulton

Fabulous insights, Ruby’s a must

Sheelagh Brown

“Since starting my business 3 years ago, I had to face a huge realisation, that I actually wasn’t being all that visible! Since working with Ruby on the Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp, she has encouraged and pushed me out of my comfort zone (all with a kind heart) I have even attended networking events (which for me, I would never have dreamed of doing before)

Ruby’s programme helps you with the key ingredients you need to help break down those barriers and is sure to give you plenty of “aha” moments. The programme is the perfect combination of mindest and business modules which enable you to up your game and get out there! Thank You Ruby!
If I hadn’t started working with you, none of this would have happened! I genuinely love working with you and can’t thank you enough for all your help! You are officially my visibility and coaching guru! x”
Nina Warden

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