In today’s blog post, I will talk about how allowing business to flow, instead of hustling will help you to come across as someone to work with, rather than being seen as being a bully.


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Have you ever had a chat with someone and made to feel less than because you’ve not signed up with them? I had it a while ago with a product I was buying and I really felt like I was being backed into a corner. I felt ever so uncomfortable and wanted to leave the venue as quickly as possible because it all became so awkward.

I had the other person coming on so strong saying they wanted the best for me, but the best for me was actually them getting a sale and they just wouldn’t drop it. With a little bit of a people pleasing background I almost reverted to spending a lot of money on something I didn’t even want! Thank goodness for all of those phrases I practiced over the years that meant I kept my ground.

My post today might be a bit controversial but it drives me crazy how people treat people in business sometimes. Yes, we’re in business and want to help people make the decision to work with us, but it shouldn’t mean that you have to bully people into working with you.

When you’re in the place of wanting clients it can be easy to get sucked into pushing people to work with you. This will never work in reality. When you allow your business to flow instead of hustle you’ll get more dreamie clients.

What do I mean by pushing?

Let’s say someone has jumped on a call to find out more about working together. There’s nothing wrong with getting the next date in the diary to follow up with them, giving them the space to work out if what you’re offering is the right fit, but don’t badger them! There’s a fine balance between great follow-up and being so visible that they start considering a restraining order!

Then there’s that one where they might say they’ve got no money to work with you right now, your first reaction shouldn’t be to tell them to put it on the credit card. How about offering a money-making brainstorming session with them to help them come up with the money? (Only if they really do want to work with you though!)

You can do so much damage to relationships if you’re too pushy.

This also applies to all of the ways that you show up as part of your visibility strategy. Maybe you’re sending out 20 newsletters a day telling people how their life is going to suck because they aren’t buying from you.

Why do we need to scare people into buying from us? There are lots of psychological buying factors that help people buy from us, but does bullying need to be one of them? I personally don’t want people to buy from me if I’m made them feel bad about themselves in some way.

Maybe you’re doing videos and find yourself really plugging your new programme. Drop it in as a comment or explain how it works at the end, for sure, but bombarding people with the information all the way through isn’t providing value and you’re less likely to get that dreamie client to buy into what you’re offering anyway.

I’ve had to have a few challenging conversations with people over the years about working together, where people have assumed that I’m their client but I might not have made my mind up yet and then it’s become really awkward. Like the person that said my website was terrible and it was no wonder I wasn’t getting clients at the time. Surely there would have been a nicer way to help me become a client?

I’ve noticed a lot of people stepping on other people’s toes to get to where they want to be. Sad really, because we’re all unique, there’s enough business out there for everyone. Do we really need to step on toes to get there?

What I’ve learned over the years is that way more business comes my way when (excuse my language) I chill the fuck out! Seriously, the more I hustle, the less business I get. When I share content that’s relevant to my dreamie clients without instilling fear in them, my posts get liked.

When I talk to people about how we can co-create something in their business together, rather than me making out that I’m the big ‘I am’ that has the solution to solving their every problem, I sign up clients.

When I simply come from a place of service and connect with people on calls, over time that creates new business for me.

Have I been guilty of pushing? Totally. I’m not perfect. I still make mistakes too. I just feel that we’ve lost our way a little bit when it comes to business now. We’re constantly worrying about someone else getting our dreamie clients. As one of my good friends always says, ‘Nothing will pass you by that’s meant for you’.

How different would your business be if you stopped worrying about what other people are doing?

What would it be like if you stopped the hustle and worked from a place of flow, trusting that your message will be heard by the right people, the ones that need your help and love what you do?

How much would your anxiety levels decrease, your sleep increase, and your whole business be easier to run, if you just chilled out, and allowed people to come to you?

You need to get your visibility piece right – that’s about having the right message, with the right offering, to the right people.

You need to be consistent with your visibility.

You need to have content out there for people to connect with you, and then want to find out more about working with you, but if you recognise yourself as someone that’s pushing all the time though, maybe it’s time to change that. Allow your business to flow. It can be magical 🙂

Your call to action: Notice where you need to chill out a bit in your business. Where are you hustling? What would the impact be if you ran your business with a softer energy? I know mine has come on in leaps and bounds since I changed things around.

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