In this blog post, I will share ways that you can create content simply, without burning yourself out in the process.

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Are you burnt out trying to come up with new content ideas all the time for your business? You became your own boss to run your business, not to have another job, didn’t you? You are in control of this –  automate where you possibly can and have a plan. It’s key to making this whole content thing work.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Get A List Of 10-12 Main Topics

You know more than you think, and you definitely know way more than you need to share at any one point in time!)  This is about chunking down your content so that you don’t overwhelm your dreamies

Chunk Down

Choose 1-2 topics and write 3 sub headers for each topic

I.e. Stress is the main topic, sub-headers might be sleep, nutrition, career, relationships etc. (All things that relate to the main topic that you could talk about)

Find A Way To Plan Your Content

You could use a simple notebook, diary, online calendar, website plug-in, mind-map etc.

Create A Swipe File (What graphic designers etc. use – a fancy name for the place you can save content ideas!) Here’s a list of some I use/have used:

  • Pocket
  • Evernote
  • Pinterest
  • A simple Word document

Create Some ‘Just For Fun’ Questions (These questions are great for creating engagement)

Think up some fun questions like and share them on social media:

  • ‘What’s your favourite flavour of ice-cream?’
  • ‘What was the best book you read and why?’
  • ‘If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be and why?’

Write Down Some Great Calls To Action That You Could Add To Your Posts

  • If you like this, check out my little book here…
  • Enjoyed this post? Check out this other blog post about xxx here …
  • Come and join my Facebook group here …

Write Storytelling Posts

What snippet (and I mean snippet!) could you share about you that might inspire others? Write a few out ready to post. This often freaks my dreamie clients out – they panic about what to share, how much etc. Here’s a really easy template you can follow to share your story:

  • Explain what was going on with you (headline detail only)
  • Bring it back to your lessons
  • Bring it back to them (how does it relate to them?)
  • Add a call to action

That’s it, simple, huh?

Finally, really this is the best bit! I can’t take complete credit for it though as it was my hubby’s idea many years ago and I expanded on it over time.

Think Of Your Content As Building Blocks

So a tweet or quote on Facebook is your teeny tiny block. Your next block up might be what I call a ‘random musings’ post you’ve written about something that interested you.

Your next block might be to create a one tip post as a video, blog post or in your newsletter. Then you might turn that tip into a 7 tips blog post or video. Then you could turn those tips into a video series or email series, maybe even an eBook, then at the top end you could turn these into training programmes, workshops etc. The magic is that you can also do it the other way round, where you pull old content from your training and go back down through the blocks to repurpose the content.

Here’s an image that explains it better than I may be doing.

I hope that gives you lots of ideas for how you can keep coming up with new content ideas. If you want to learn more about this, you’ll love my Supercharge Your Content Masterclass where I dig deeper on these areas so that you can create amazing content in way less time! Check it out here –

Call To Action: Go through some of your old content and using the little model I shared with you – think about how you can repurpose it.

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