Good! It should do! It’s totally normal and will help you and your business grow.

It’s been a while since I wrote. January was all about selling our home, moving into a rental for a while and then getting ready to up sticks to Scotland. To say it’s been an exhausting month is an understatement. The move itself – Well it’s been labelled ‘The worst day ever’ so that probably gives you an idea of how well that worked out. Throw in my back flaring up and let’s just leave it there!

So it’s back to business, which feels really good.

This morning I checked my Facebook messages and was given one of those ‘This time 5 years ago’ posts – The post was all about how I’d hit publish on my website 5 years ago today. I’ve been in business 6 years this October but can remember that website day SO vividly. I was seriously scared.

I had everything ready to go live, all I needed to do was hit the ‘Publish’ button. How hard could that be? It felt like I was exposing myself to the world – ‘Hey everybody, look at me!’ What would people say/think? Would I be judged for what I was planning to share going forward? Who was I to share my business? I was just plain ole’ Ruby!

Thought behind the website: Months and months of work

Actual bravery: 10 seconds

Result: Did people come running? Did they heck! It took way more than me pressing publish on my website for that to happen, but that bravery changed my mindset forever. I was now in business!

FUN FACT: Fear –  It gets all of us business owners. If you’re in business, you’re going to feel it. Get used to it, because it ain’t gonna go away! Lean into it, learn how to manage it, take teeny tiny brave steps and magic will happen!

Fast forward to today – still feeling the fear.

So what am I scared of today? Well let’s rewind a bit and I’ll share my story.

Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association runs a monthly membership club. I love her work – it’s fun, practical and she has a fabulous community.  Each month they share a ‘bundle’, essentially a mini training programme in different areas of business. In the second half of last year, I sent an email offering to write a Visibility Bundle for the FEA. After a selection process, I was invited to write the said bundle. Fast forward to today and it’s D-Day for my bundle to go live. Eek!

I’ve spent thousands of hours working on my mindset around business, and probably the same in money. Does that stop me from feeling the fear of something new, something bigger, an exciting milestone? Of course not! Here’s today’s scenario:

Thought behind the email: Ages

Actual Bravery: 10 seconds

Result: Today is the day when my 10 seconds of bravery* pays off

* 10 seconds of bravery comes from the film ‘We Bought A Zoo’ where a guy tells his son (I think!) that all he needs is 10 seconds of bravery to do anything. It’s SO true.

It doesn’t matter what level your business is at, your business fear won’t go away. It’s just fear at a new level. As you grow your business and you grow as a business owner, there will be another challenge and another opportunity for you to face.

So, how could you use 10-seconds of bravery to catapult your business TODAY?


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