In today’s episode, I will be talking to Gail Gibson about having a can-do attitude and growth mindset. Gail is an award-winning business performance coach who enables small businesses, through the teaching of effective tools, techniques and strategies, to discover ways to perform at their personal best, to make their dreams happen in life and business.

Development of a Can Do or growth mindset is key to Gail’s coaching success. Through her coaching programmes Gail’s aim is to encourage a shift in thinking, with a key focus on accountability for sustained growth, which empowers small businesses to be brave, be bold, be remarkable and believe in themselves.  In this episode, you’ll learn Key points
  • Why you need to believe in yourself in business
  • The importance of a growth mindset and can-do attitude
  • 3 tips that will serve you well in business
  • Why accountability works
  • Two words that will really make your business soar
Find out more about Gail on her Facebook page at and over on her website, and


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