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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely break. I’m just getting back into the swing of things and I’m guessing you possibly are too. I LOVE new years, they are full of possibility and excitement!

Every year I choose a new word to guide me through the year. Last year it was simplicity and I think I kinda did okay with that one. I had to keep myself in check a lot as I do get overexcited and overcomplicate things, especially when it comes to business, but overall I did better than I have before. I use the phrase KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie) and that helps me remember to let go of all of the extra unnecessary

By having a word of the year, you can quickly pull yourself back on track. I still set goals and plans etc, but this means you have a word that reminds you of what your overall intention for the year is, whether that’s your life/business or both. In fact, I’ve set massive goals this year, much more than I would normally. I want to really stretch myself in 2017.

Towards the latter part of the year what I learned was that I was working way too hard and that by taking steps back from my business everything was a lot easier, more in flow, calmer. More simple in fact – funny that! This year I want more of that, so I’ve set some really clear boundaries to stop me from pushing too hard.

social-mediaWhat I realised is that when I have more fun in my business and stop being so flippin’ serious, then that’s when I do my best work and get the best results, so my word for this year for my business AND life is


I have a sign in my kitchen, that says ‘Do one thing every day that makes you smile‘. Every time we see it we do something that makes us smile. It might be putting on a song and doing a happy dance, saying something really silly or giving someone a hug, whatever it is that makes us smile. I’m planning to bring this fun into my business this year too. It’s easy to get over serious and that isn’t good for anyone! Business should be fun!

I know I help my clients get amazing results, and that those results are better when they are having fun on our calls together and in their businesses too.

The other thing I’ve done a lot of this year is gratitude work, so this little ‘Gratitude Junkie’ is going to carry on with that too. Life is way more fun when you notice all of the fabulous things you already have! Try it! It’s AMAZING!


I’d love to hear what your word for 2017 is. Let me know in the comments below. If you haven’t ever thought of doing it, then just think about a word that will guide you through all of the areas of your life, it might be grace, ease, adventure, love etc. Choose something that really lights a spark in you. When planning my day’s work I also do a word of the day, so it might be focus or mindset, planning, gratitude, or whatever it needs to be that day.

Your call to action this week (and even this year): When you’re doing tasks, ask yourself – is this fun? If it’s not, then think of another way to do it, delegate it if you have to. Let’s say it’s that you don’t find blogging fun, then don’t do it! Find another way to get your message across, maybe through video or Facebook Lives. Business can be fun! Who knew?!



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