Sometimes, ruling your Queendom is hard work. It may seem like it’s easy, but the reality is that as a Queen your crown can become quite heavy at times, where it all feels a bit too much, and you’re not sure which direction you’re heading in.

A heavy crown can create disillusionment with how things are going in our businesses. This is often due to the expectations we hold about it, and the expectations we put on ourselves.

If you’ve bought into the ‘six-figure overnight success’ story, then that’s potentially going to create lots of feelings for you, when your business doesn’t have the same results.

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This is all about your journey. Let’s explore where you might be adding to the weight of your crown.

What expectations are you putting on yourself?

The online world is a funny place. It can make you feel a million dollars, where people start following you or give you an incredible shout-out, and it can make you feel rubbish, when you perceive someone else as more successful than you, based on what they’re sharing or what you’ve read/heard.

The reality is that it makes you feel what you choose for it to make you feel. You can take control of the stories you create in your mind about it.

Your expectation might be that you should be further on in your business than you currently are. If you find yourself comparing, then that’s going to create a lot of expectation. As I said to one of my clients just this week, you might not even be as far on in business as that other person, or even want what they’ve created.

Maybe you’re procrastinating on putting work out there because you feel it needs to be perfect, you worry what people will say about your content. You’re worried about their expectations.

Perhaps your expectations are more client-based. You’re taking on responsibility for your client’s results, and trying to fix them when your role is actually to enable them to move forward. The responsibility for action lies with them.

How are you limiting yourself by these expectations?

Maybe you bought into the business story, that business is easy. The truth is that it is challenging, and amazing all at once. Ask any super successful business owner whether their business journey was always easy, and they’ll more than likely have a few anecdotes to share with you about obstacles they’ve had to overcome, both internally and externally.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot of noise out there online, we can suffer from information overload. Social media content can also trigger lots of emotion and comparison.

You might be limiting yourself by staying stuck, not seeing a way forward, or seeing it, but not taking any action on it because you’re fearful of the possibility of judgement and rejection. Procrastination might be one example of this, not making decisions can be another.

Are you refusing to see that there could be a better way than how you’re doing things? Maybe you’re hanging onto that programme that no longer serves you or your clients, it’s run its course, but you’re worried about letting it go because you’re afraid of losing potential business.

Maybe there’s a part of you that you need to let go of – the one that’s fearful. By letting go, you’re allowing your true royalty to shine through.

Notice how playing small is keeping you from being all that you can be, and preventing you from being an inspiration to your people.

Let go of rigid beliefs of what’s possible for you

Sometimes we get stuck in the familiar, it feels safe. 

How can you stretch and expand your comfort zones? Maybe there are particular actions that you could take. You know what they are, but you’re limiting yourself based on your expectations.

What could you do differently in the next week? Challenge yourself.

You can choose to bring in fun and lightness to overcome the weight of your crown. What would your business be like if you allowed it to be more playful? For me, I love playing with the whole Queen idea, it makes leadership and business mastery so much more fun. It’s a great way to talk about mindset issues that are holding you back.

Park those rigid beliefs for now and begin to open up to what could be possible for you. Allow yourself time and space to explore new ways of doing things. 

Be brave enough to take action.

It can feel scary letting go of old beliefs. They’ve kept you safe. What if this new way of doing things, opens the door on your fortress, and allows a whole new Queen and Queendom to emerge? The result of which creates amazing opportunities for you.

What’s your role as Queen?

You’re wearing a crown (the symbol of responsibility, accountability and authority)

As a CEO, aka Queen of your business, you need to lead by example and show the way to your beautiful people.

You need the confidence to know when something’s not working, to declare it and then to create something new. If you don’t have that confidence…yet, then ask someone else to tell you what they think you’re holding onto.

Queens take leaps of faith. They create their Battle Plan, build their strategy, and surround themselves with a team of solid supporters. Sometimes the only way to grow is to jump and allow everything else to work its way through. I like to set intentions, even when I don’t know the ‘how’ of how I’m going to make it happen. I simply trust my intuition, follow through on action steps that pop into my head, and that’s when the magic happens.

What teeny-tiny step could you take today to step into the better version of Queen you’re meant to be?

You can decide, and choose, that today is the day you rule your realm in a different way.

No Queen does it on her own. She has an entourage of support. You can get support from friends and family that you feel you can trust with your dreams and goals. You can hire someone to help you shortcut your journey, and get help creating a Battle Plan for your business.

Release those expectations, let go of those rigid beliefs and step into the role of Queen. Take a leap of faith, ask for help, and trust that what you need will come to you.

It’s time to release the weight of your crown!

PS. You don’t need to be a Queen on your own. If you want support, check out my Straighten Your Crown Sessions.

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