I mentioned in my last podcast that my version of a Queen is a medieval one. When you think about how things were communicated in those days, it could take days to get a message through to someone. Sometimes it was on foot, other times on horseback. There was no super quick email or social media platform to get the word out.

You wouldn’t have been able to go online and order something with next day delivery. You’d have to wait. We’re not used to waiting for things now, so it makes us even more impatient wanting our businesses to grow quickly overnight.

As a Queen you need to practice patience. You might share your message, but it might not be received immediately. The timing might be out, or you might need to get in front of different people who love what you do.

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I’ve been playing a game recently around delayed gratification. Whether it’s delaying eating a piece of chocolate, drinking yet another vanilla cappuccino (Yes I know, I need to cut back) or buying something. I’m enjoying playing with the feeling around excitement, spending time looking forward to adding that thing into my life. It’s a really interesting experiment, give it a go! You may find it harder than you think because we’re so used to everything being instant.

Building your Queendom takes time.

Building your Queendom takes work.

Building your Queendom takes consistency.

The project you’re working on today, this week, this month, could be the one that creates amazing success further down the line, but we give up because it isn’t happening quick enough. We want faster results.

I know when I first started out as a coach I wanted to help people get transformation in one standalone session. I can do that now, but I know that the magic happens when there are many sessions, via 1:1 or group, because transformation takes time. As one of my lovely coaches reminded me recently, caterpillars don’t turn into butterflies overnight. There’s a process.

There will be many a battle plan that you set up that doesn’t give you the outcome you hoped for. That’s okay.

There will be many a project that you wish would create that ‘overnight’ success, but projects take time.

Think of a seed, it doesn’t grow instantly, it needs attention, sun, rain, nurturing, yada yada. It’s growing underneath the surface, you just can’t see it yet.

Maybe that’s where you are with your business. You’re doing the work, but there’s only a tiny sprout of growth showing. That’s okay – be patient.

Accept where you are today in your business. Know that as a Queen you can choose to be patient, and trust that every action step you take (providing you design and execute your battle plan well) will take you nearer to creating your next level of business success.

And luckily, unlike our medieval Queen, you do have tools at your disposal that can help you communicate your message much quicker!

Keep practicing patience Queenie, you’ve got this!

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