In today’s blog post, I will share two ways to be super-focused in your business.


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I used to think I was really focused. I wasn’t. I was just under the illusion that I was.

I was working hard but I wasn’t focused on the right things.

I’d set up goals and then wonder at the end of it if I’d even achieved them because they weren’t that clear.  That was, until I read two books – ‘The One Thing’ & ‘The 12 Week Year’, which really changed how I do things.

Side note: I am also one of those weird people that loves bitty admin! If I can do a bit of admin instead of the bigger stuff then I will, it’s fun! (Yeah #Weird, I know!)

It all started with the book, “The One Thing” by Gary Keller – which in a nutshell is about focusing on ONE thing at a time. You don’t need to read it now haha. No, seriously, do read it. It will get you thinking differently about how you do things.

Sounds easy focusing on one thing, doesn’t it? It’s really challenging!

We think we’re good at focus, but are we really? I don’t know about you but I know that if I see a little red notification pop up on my phone, I’ve completely lost focus. I can’t concentrate until I check what it is. I have to turn off my notifications or they will take me off track. Same with the desktop app for my email. Seems silly really, but needs must.

I also know that I want to check my emails about 20 million times a day. Okay not that much but I’m guesstimating it would be nearly 75-100 times a day. I am working on checking it 3 times a day and it’s killing me man! I know I lose a huge chunk of time by checking email constantly, so have had to take drastic measures.

What if something comes up that needs action? It will be fine, I know that realistically, but my addiction wants me to ‘just check really quickly before you do your next task on the list, it will only take a moment’. Yeah, right, down the rabbit hole I go! Constant work in progress is what you should be hearing here! If it’s client related, all of my clients know to message me in Asana (a project management tool) and not my inbox as I always have that open.

What I do now though is bring back the focus – I ask myself – “What am I meant to be working on right now?” And some days it’s something I have to ask myself a gazillion times a day. It’s actually a great thing to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed too. When you’ve only got one thing on the list to concentrate on you’re telling the other things they can wait until you’ve completed. Completing feels gooooood!

Focus on ONE single thing at a time. Tell yourself you CAN do it, even if like me you have to do it over and over again for it to actually happen!

Onto book two, the 12-Week Year. This book has been a game changer for me. Essentially you set yourself goals and then rate your performance against those goals, with stats. Have I lost you yet?!!

Let’s say you set a goal to create more content – the overall goal would be broken down into various elements and a percentage attached to it. Here’s what that might be like in practice:

Overall goal: Create 7 days of content to share across my 4 main social media platforms

Tasks to achieve that goal:

  1. Write 1 blog post
  2. Write 1 Facebook post
  3. Create a guest post plan – who to contact/when
  4. Do 1 Facebook live

So 4 elements, with 100% being the overall goal. Each element = 25% (100 divided by total number of tasks)

Now let’s say you only achieve 3 of 4 tasks, you will have hit 75% of your goal. The aim is to hit 86% or above.

All sounds easy, but you need to be REALLY clear on what the initial goal is and how to break it down or you can get to the end of the time period you’ve set without hitting your goal because there were more elements to it than you thought. So you learn very quickly about being really specific with your goals, so that they’re easily measured.

I usually set myself 3 main goals to work to, that way it’s not overwhelming and everything I’m working on is linked to those 3 goals. Often I’ve got one main business goal, one mindset goal and one personal goal, all of which get broken down into different elements.

This system isn’t for everyone and when I did the 90 Day Year it added even more structure to the mix, but if you’re someone that likes accountability then this might work for you. Either way, getting more clarity around what you want to achieve in your business will help you measure your goals much better and create way more success. You need to keep focused. Added bonus:  you won’t feel a slave to your notifications either!

Call to Action: Check in with yourself – how focused are you really being? Maybe it’s time to start to notice and then make some changes!

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