In today’s blog post, I will share how you can book discovery calls into your diary as if by magic.

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Do you wish you could get potential clients booked into your diary with ease? It can be tough, can’t it? It can all feel like a struggle. You’re doing this business thing to make a difference but it feels like really hard work. Maybe you’ve told yourself this is the year it’s make or break. If it doesn’t work you’re going back to get a proper job and that makes your stomach turn.

You’re tired. Tired of being disappointed, tired of not getting the results for your hard work. I know, I’ve been there! With simple tweaks though, you can create discovery calls with your dreamie clients over and over again. Let me share with you how.

I used to wonder how you magically get people booking into your diary, until I learned what works best in my business. I tested it out with my clients and then a new system was born.

I spent a long time perfecting how to do discovery calls. I would say I’m still not perfect at it. I often give away far too much and cost myself a client!! However, I now convert to paying clients at about an 85% conversion rate, so today I thought I’d share with you what works for me and my clients in getting client calls booked into your diary.

Worst case, is you get to connect with people and that raises your visibility! What can you do in your business to create these gorgeous clients? Here’s some ideas to get your brain fired up!

Free discovery call, consult, etc..

Invite people onto a call to talk about how you might be able to help them. A quick call where you can ask what they are struggling with, make an assessment of how you can help and then share with them ways to work with you

Free taster session – strategy/discovery/relevant to your biz

Similar to the discovery call but this one is more about showcasing what you do. At the end of the call you can ask if they’d like to find out more about how to work with you. You can also do a mini action as part of the call and that will give you more chance to follow up

Client interviews/surveys – 10 questions (FAB for newbies)

A fabulous place to start if you don’t know who your dreamie clients are, or you just want to understand them better. Offer the client interview where you ask about 10-15 questions that will help you understand them better, then offer them a free taster session in return. Again, great for follow-up too as you can check in on their progress after the session.

Hold a webinar – Teach what you know, invite onto call

A great way to both build your list, credibility and opportunity to get discovery calls booked. They like your content, they want to find out more

Share great content

Something that MUST not be overlooked. You have to make sure you have great content. This will underpin what you do, help you to connect with your dreamie client and then make them want to talk to you. You can pop a call to action on your posts, your blog posts etc., but I’d say do this with caution as it’s much more compelling if there is a time limit on your discovery calls

Other people’s groups

Share an invite to chat with you on marketing days. What I would say here is make it more of a taster session for these than a discovery call as you’re more likely to get interest (and remember the group rules – not all groups allow for this)

Group chats/networking

Be brave with conversations. Just chat away in groups, networking and then if you think you can help that person, simply invite them onto a call with you.

Other things that you can try

Invite onto a call – as an add-on to group programmes. It’s a great way to help people that you only know in a group capacity, opportunity to offer them more 1:1 work if it’s relevant

Speaking gigs – make your call to action an invite to talk to you about how you can help them

Referrals / affiliates – invite onto a call as above to talk about how you can help

Email list – set a maximum number of clients you want to work with, invite people that are serious about working with you onto a call. Explain who it’s for and who it isn’t – i.e. It’s not for you if you aren’t ready to invest in working with me, not committed to take action etc.

So there you have it, lots of different ways that you can get people to jump on a call with you.

Remember, no conversation is wasted. That connection can lead into lots of new opportunities, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. If someone doesn’t sign up with you, there can be lots of reasons why – not the right time, not the right fit for them, they’re not ready yet etc. etc. Who knows where that connection will lead!

If you want more support with this, then check out my self-study programme – Discovery Call Magic where I take you through the process step-by-step so that you can create discovery calls as if by magic.

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