In this blog post, I will share 3 mindset hacks to help you quieten down your mindset monkeys.


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When you want to get visible in your business, your little mindset monkeys start acting up, so you want all the mindset hacks you can get to quieten them down. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 3 simple mindset hacks to do just that.

So let’s say you’re about to publish a blog post, or do a Facebook live, maybe a little post in a big group, and you’re telling yourself you’re not good enough, who’s going to listen to you anyway, you’re not this big ‘expert’ that everyone tells you that you need to be. You’re just little ole you.

You’ve got some limiting beliefs holding you back. As we were taught on our coaching training, in the middle of the word beliefs, is the word ‘lie’. They are lies that your brain is telling you to keep you safe, so let’s work through this limiting belief.

  1. Challenge the limiting belief 
  •  Why do you believe it?

It will help to know.

  •  When did you decide that?

Limiting beliefs start when we make a decision about something. The decision might be that you’re not good enough for example. At some point in time you will have made that decision, which is fabulous, because you can make a new empowering decision today.

  •  Where did this belief come from?

This is where we want to build some evidence for this belief. Quite often you’ll have lots of evidence, and that’s okay. We can still work with it.

  •  Find alternative evidence to contradict it

Now it’s time to break down that belief by getting evidence to the contrary. You may have to create some new evidence which will mean being a bit brave. As you build your evidence ‘library’ you’ll start to feel more confident and won’t be held back by your limiting belief.

You can be really successful in your business. We just need to get you a new monkey that helps you to believe that. As one of my clients said, a friendly, furry gremlin!

Next up you might be using negative language that’s holding you back. Let’s work on that one too.

  1. Change negative statement from present to past

Override your brain

Your brain can’t tell the difference between fact and reality which is why when you watch a movie and cry, it’s because your brain doesn’t know that it’s not true. So let’s move these negative statements into the past and let your brain assume they are there. Try these phrases on for size:

  •  In the past I used to be xxxx, now I’m ….. i.e. In the past I used to be rubbish at writing blog posts, now I’m learning by writing a few blog posts, and getting feedback

There’s always more to learn, even when you’re a master. Over time your skill will improve and you’ll be the expert you want to be. Letting go of the negative now will open you up to new possibilities.

The final mindset hack is about stepping into the future. When you imagine your future you, you can step into some of those qualities and traits that will boost your confidence.

  1. Imagine your future you, that’s feeling really confident.

How would the future you behave?

Maybe you’d be more confident, ask for more of what you need, reach out to people to invite them to work with you, create more videos, write a training programme. Act like that now, as if you already have all of those traits

What would you do differently?

Maybe you’d start your day slower, working on your mindset first. Maybe your diary wouldn’t be back to back with clients, but you’d create some space for your self-care so that you serve your clients while running on a full tank of energy

How would you go about your day?

Perhaps you’d have a massage booked in. Maybe you’d be in a mastermind group. Perhaps you’d be reading books on different topics to expand your knowledge around your area of expertise.

What would you see, hear and feel?

Perhaps it would be seeing a group of people in front of you that you’re talking to, maybe you’d hear your name being called as you’re being given an award. You might feel excited about your business, and want to share what you do with people so that you can have a bigger impact and help more people.

Step into that person now.

Think about the people you’d be surrounded by, your typical day, the person you’ve become. When you show up in your business, come from that place, the confident future you instead of the you that is full of self-doubt and worry.

One thing that’s certain about business is that it’s going to bring up any stuff that you need to deal with. It’s not just about learning how to do business, it’s also learning about how to manage your mindset. When you do that, business goes much better.

You may clear one limiting belief and another one rears its head. Now you have 3 simple mindset hacks that you can use to clear them and get on with what you want to do – run your business.

Call To Action: Commit to working on your mindset each day. It will set you up for business success. What do you need to tell your mindset monkeys today?

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