In this blog post, I will share how you can take control of your life through choices you make.

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Have you ever come across the phrase ‘cause and effect’ when it comes to being in control of your life? It’s an NLP language pattern and could be something that’s costing you lots of time, energy and maybe even dreamie clients.

What’s it all about?

If you’re at ‘EFFECT’ someone/something else is in control of your life

  • One thing causes another (the effect)
  • You blame others for not succeeding
  • You come from a disempowered place because you believe you are reliant on situations / circumstances / people to effect change

If you’re at ‘CAUSE’ you’re in control of your life

  • You create your life
  • You take responsibility for your life and what happens in it
  • You come from a powerful place because you believe you can effect change

I know which place I’d rather be in. The one where I get to create my world, where I’m in control and taking responsibility for my life and what happens in it. It isn’t wishful thinking, it doesn’t mean things won’t go wrong, they probably will, that’s life, but it’s your reaction to them that counts.

Let’s use Facebook for visibility as an example. We all know the algorithms have changed and it’s been more challenging to reach our audiences. (Personally I’m super grateful to Facebook, it’s helped me connect with some amazing business owners, dreamie clients, and more importantly incredible friends).

So, if you’re at effect, you might say, “The algorithms are ruining my business, I might as well give up and get a job”.  However, if you’re at cause, you might say, “So the algorithms have changed, what can I do differently to boost my engagement?”

It’s easier to blame others though, isn’t it? We can pass on all responsibility to someone else, it’s easier.

It’s alright for ‘so and so’, they’ve got money to throw around to build their business, they get all the lucky breaks, there are just too many people out there doing what you do, it’s no wonder your business isn’t working, right?


If that’s your thinking then it’s time to turn it around.

Nobody is to blame if your business isn’t working, and that includes you! Blame doesn’t serve anybody, it will help you wallow, not take action. You can take responsibility for being where you are right now, for the decisions that you’ve made bringing you to this place in your business journey. Nobody is at fault. Don’t give your power away. Take ownership of your business and life.

If you want to be successful you want to be at cause – in control. You’re an owner of your business, now you get to be the owner of your life too! How cool is that?!

When you’re at cause you aren’t a victim, you’re a powerful business owner, who can choose what action to take to build your business.

Just think for a moment, how making the decision to live at cause will impact your business.

So you didn’t sign up that new client. You can decide that it doesn’t matter if there’s lots of business owners out there doing what you do. You could spend time figuring out what makes you different, whether your services were the right fit for that client and how you can make the next call go better.

Your launch didn’t go so well. You can choose to focus on what did go well. Maybe following everyone else’s blueprint doesn’t work for you. Maybe it’s time to pull together a different way of launching, one that feels easy and flows.

You didn’t hit the numbers you wanted to hit in your business this month. You get to decide how you can do things differently next month. You don’t need to stay in victim mode, feeling like the world is against you, you can feel instantly empowered, ready to take action and with a fire in your belly for your business, all by making the decision that you get to choose how you run your business (and life!)

You didn’t get all of the work done that you set out to do. That’s okay too. You can sit down and work out what really needed to be done, and choose to figure out a smarter way of working going forward, one where you set clearer goals and measurable targets.

If you want your business to be successful, DECIDE today for it to be so and then go out there and make it happen! You’ve got what it takes, now go show us what you’ve got!

Call To Action: Figure out if you’re at cause or effect. Let me know what decision you make from listening to/reading this post and what action you’ll take as a result.

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