I recently revamped my Visibility Quiz and thought I’d have a bit of fun with it.

Because about 95% of my audience is female I decided to play around with feminine words. Words don’t work, you can just replace the quiz personalities as Lord, Count, Prince & King or whatever creative names you can come up with!

So what’s it all about?

Well really it’s just a bit of fun – there’s no science behind it. I just identified different levels of visibility in business, so based on your level of visibility you’ll either get a score of Lady, Countess, Princess or Queen (or your equivalent) What’s really interesting is how addictive visibility can become when you make a game of it. I’ve had people in groups asking how they can get to the next level, and asking if they can work with someone at a higher level to get tips to improve their  own visibility.

Like anything online there’s all of these hooks to help you take action, there’s leaderboards, and app points and so on, so I thought I’d create something for my dreamie clients to help them take action on their visibility, rather than it being one of those someday jobs. You know the ones.

The thing is there are over 80,000 ways to market and so it’s no wonder we become overwhelmed with the best way to be visible.

Aside from all of the mindset monkey crap that goes on in our heads we have thoughts running through our minds like, ‘Where’s the best place for me to market myself?’, ‘What’s my message?’ ‘Is anybody even going to notice me where it’s such a crowded marketplace?’

The big question I often get asked is this:  ‘What’s the right way to be visible?’

Well there is no ‘right’ way as such, as every business is different. I don’t believe in the whole ‘follow my blueprint and you’ll get overnight success model’. Saying that though, I’ve fallen into the trap of using it in the past. The right way is whatever is right for your dreamie clients. Who are they? Where are they? What do they need to hear from you? How can you show up so that they connect with you quickly? What next steps do you need them to take?

Lots of people associate visibility as just doing videos. I think there are LOADS of ways to be visible, visible to me is about being seen, showing up. That could be by writing blog posts, by being interviewed on podcasts, by connecting one on one with potential dreamie clients. If you’re like me then being an introvert means you find it exhausting just doing video. I like to mix things up a bit, and do you know the good thing about that? You get to tap into everyone else’s unique way of receiving info too. Win:win 🙂

What do the different levels mean?

Lady: You’re at the start of your visibility journey, there’s some work to be done. It may be that you’ve done some of the things like posting some things on social media, getting clear on who your dreamie clients are, and starting to hang out online in the right places.

The fabulous thing about being a Lady is that you get to see really quick progress, there’s some great quick wins that you can put into place 🙂

Countess: You’ve done some of the ground work and you’re starting to get a bit more consistent with your messages. Maybe you’re networking, maybe you’re on a social media platform and showing up regularly. You’re on your way!

Princess: You’re starting to get a bit more strategic with what you do. When you’re here you might be running your own group or writing regular blog posts. You’ve worked out lots of things that help you get in front of the right people, you just need to do more of it / try new things.

Queen: You are rocking your visibility! Go you! There will still be more things you can do to get visible. What will your next step be?

If you haven’t done the quiz, check it out here. I’d love for you to come on over to my pinned post on my business page (Link in the show notes) and tell me what score you got. There’s a chance to win a little prize.

Also, I would love to interview Ladies, Countesses, Princesses & Queens on my podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz. I’ll be asking you all about what you do on visibility right now, what’s working for you, what’s not and where you’d like to be. If you’re interested then apply for your spot here. In order for your application to be considered, you’ll need to have completed the quiz though as I’ll need to know what you’ve scored etc.

Building your visibility takes time, so be patient and persistent. This will only work for you if you’re in the long game. Yes, you might get some quick wins along the way, but It’s the consistency that’s King!

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