In today’s episode, I’m chatting to Rosie Slosek of The Money about money and embracing the woo in your business. Rosie gives you a safe space and the support you need to sort out the money side of your business. She combines hand holding for the emotional overwhelm and practical actions to support you starting your business, demystifying limited companies, doing your tax return and getting your business in good shape to grow.

We’re having a bit of a different conversation today. We’re going to be talking about role modelling the woo in you business. So for me, woo means the intangible, spiritual side of the business, law of attraction, meditation, oracle cards and more. What I love about it is it frees up your mind. It’s not just about positive thinking, because let’s be For everyone it will mean something different. Let’s talk with Rosie to find out a bit more about her and how she embraces her woo.

In this episode, you’ll learn Key points:
  1. Ways to embrace the woo even when you don’t believe in it (woo for non-believers)
  2. Money – the importance of having a safe space to talk about the practical steps
  3. How woo helped Rosie to find her perfect for her coach
  4. Using oracle cards for the money in your business
  5. Why it’s totally okay to show up 100% as you in your business
Find out more about Rosie on Facebook page at The Money Haven Previously One Man Band Accounting and over on her website, The Money Haven   [spp-player]

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