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Just a simple little thought provoking message this week.

I was delivering talks at two very different events last weekend. One was what you’d think of when you think of a speaking gig, a big room full of people, speaker packs, microphones, all that kind of thing. The other was a much smaller, intimate group. Both very different, and both fabulous in their own unique way.

At the second event, a little bag of shells and pebbles that had been collected from the beach was passed around. We were all invited to take something from the bag as a reminder to ourselves of how unique we all are.

I put my hand into the bag and felt quite a large pebble. I went to take it out and then put it back before taking out a smaller shell.

Not that significant really, but the thing is it was.

I thought to myself, ‘what will people think if I take the bigger pebble?’

It got me thinking about how we might want to shine in life/our businesses, but we are afraid to.

What will people think if we take the ‘bigger pebble’ – whatever that bigger pebble might represent.

Will they think we are being egotistical? Pretentious?

Will they think we are too big for our boots?

What about if they think we are greedy, taking the bigger stuff, the bigger opportunities, and leaving the rest for everyone else?

It’s all nonsense! There is enough to go around for everyone.

So if you get the opportunity to pick the bigger pebble, then pick it and be proud of yourself and know that it’s good to step up and own your stuff. I know next time what I’d be choosing!

Your call to action this week:

Think of an opportunity you might be turning down, or not pursuing because you’re playing it small. Then change that around!



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