In this blog post, I’m going to share about how I hadn’t been completely open in my biz, and why it’s important to be authentic in your biz.


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When you run your own business trust is a big thing that you need bucket loads of.

  • You want people to know, like and trust you.
  • You need to trust yourself that you’re making the right decisions and doing all of the right things that you need to do to build your business.
  • You need to trust that other people will like what you’re putting out there.
  • You put your trust in technology.
  • You need to put your trust in others, whether they are business friends, collaborative partners or people you’re outsourcing work too.
  • You sometimes have to jump and trust that the net is there waiting for you. Always a difficult one but it’s magical when you land in that net!
Now I can talk all day about all of these elements of trust, but I’m actually going to share something more vulnerable because it’s time. The one I want to talk about is this one…

You have to trust that it’s okay to show up as 100% you

Something that I just don’t talk about in my business is the spiritual side of things. I was brought up as a Christian and my family is praying for my salvation as we speak because in their eyes I’ve backslidden and that’s okay. Their version of me is a different version of what I want to be.

When I went through my divorce about 14 years ago I started to question everything, spirituality being one aspect of that.

Over time I slowly had friends introduce me to the Law of Attraction and Oracle cards and more, and super scary though it is for me to share this – I like it. I lik1e that the LOA allows me to be positive and think about how to improve life, rather than feel the fear of being thrown into hell for not following the ‘rules’. I like that there’s an air of mystery around little synchronistic messages and I like that people around me share some amazing stories about it. I like that life can be magical and the idea that there’s just so much more to us than we know.

Now I may lose people from my list/groups as a result of sharing this, but that’s okay. I want to be 100% authentic and share all of me, rather than the bits I think you’ll like. That’s what I do on every other level of my biz, but it’s like there’s this secret thing going on where I shouldn’t share.

A fear of rejection. A fear of judgement. A fear that it’s wrong, or worse, I’ll get struck by lightning for mentioning the word ‘universe’ instead of God. I am a grown woman (nearly shared my age there but hey a girl should have some secrets!)

It’s okay for you to disagree with family elders, it’s okay for you to share what you find important in your life, and not hide away who you are.

It’s okay to stand in your beliefs and in turn your power.

Enough of this nonsense.2

I always share that some people will love you in business and some will ‘hate’ you and that’s okay. They aren’t your ideal clients.

I always share that you need to show up as the fabulous you, not the version of you that you think people want, and yet there’s an element of my life where I’ve been hiding. No more.

It’s okay for you to have your beliefs, it’s okay for others to have theirs. I take the view of live and let live. It’s amazing what you can learn from other people when you just stop and listen to them sharing their perspective on life.

I’ve got friends who are into really deep spiritual stuff that fries my brain, but I can still be friends with them, in the same way as you can still attract the right people to you in your business.

So I guess my message to you is this:

Don’t be afraid to be you

100% freaking quirky, mad as a hatter you, if that’s who you are, or super quiet, happy to hide in the corner too, if that’s who you are.

The world needs you exactly as you are, so when you’re going out there and being visible, they really do get to know, like and trust you for YOU.

Show up as you, not someone you think you should be. Don’t compare yourself to others and want to be them. Want to be the fabulous you! The world is waiting for you.

Your call to action this week: Figure out where you’re not showing up as 100% you. Is there an aspect of you that you’re hiding away? If so, change that.

Oh and by the way I might even share the odd oracle card or two in my groups from now on, so if you don’t like it that’s okay. I won’t hold it against you if you find someone that’s a better fit for you x



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