Today I’m sharing a case-study – I want you to be inspired to be visible in your biz. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

Let me introduce you to Nina Warden, founder of Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty. Nina is on a mission to give women back some well deserved “me-time”. She loves all things hair and beauty and believes it is so much more than just looking good, it’s also about feeling AMAZING too and letting your confidence shine.

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Nina initially had a few 1:1 coaching sessions with me and then she signed up for my Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp. Let me share with you what she has to say about being visible in her business…

 “Prior to working with Ruby, I wasn’t being visible at all; and I do mean at all! One of the first questions Ruby asked me was, “How visible are you offline?” The truth was, I was completely invisible! Yes, I was being super visible online, but offline, no, nothing, nada, zero! Since working with Ruby and doing her programme; Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp, I have had some amazing results!  It gives you the perfect combination of both mindset and business and I can honestly say, I have achieved so much more than I ever dreamed I would.

So, the time had come, something had to change! It wasn’t easy, but my ethos was, that never anything worth doing ever is, so I worked really hard to put myself out there, step up and be brave.”

With some gentle nudging, accountability in the group and some of the Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp learnings Nina started to shine. She took action, even when she wasn’t sure how it would work out, or on days when she had a wobble.

“I feel really proud of all I have achieved. I even attend regular networking meetings, and if someone had said to me, six months ago, that I would be attending networking meetings, I wouldn’t have ever believed them!”

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“The same way that I wouldn’t have believed that I would win a Therapist of the Month award from my Tanning company.”

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“The same way that I wouldn’t have believed I would be asked to write in a Professional Hair & Beauty magazine, twice in two months and be featured on the same page as my mentor.

“Nor would I of believed I would be a part of raising over three and a half thousand pounds as part of a charity event that my business hosted, alongside some friends, that was then featured in the local paper.”

Nina also put herself forward to raise money for charity. After raising a fabulous amount of money she took it one step further, she asked the local paper if she could get a bit of PR with a photo of the cheque being handed over. She was super excited to go to the bank to get the enormous cheque made out for £3664.00!

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“But do you know something? Ruby and her programme have given me the confidence to believe that I can do it! So thank you Ruby, for believing in me, kicking my butt when I was scared (all with a kind heart) and for making me see that I can totally rock my visibility!”

And you really can Nina, you are seriously inspirational! Keep going out there and Rocking Your Visibility!

Inspired? This could be you! Whether you run an online or offline business, being visible is THE best way to make your business work for you.

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It’s time to get your business visible too!


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