I was walking up the stairs last week, with a cappuccino in hand (naturally!) and heard a big squeal from my teenage daughter’s bedroom. I thought perhaps there was a spider we’d need to call my hubby to save us from, but it turned out to be her squealing because she’d just seen some nail varnishes she wanted to buy go into the sale.

It got me thinking how, as service-based solopreneurs we can wow our customers so they squeal when they learn about something we’ve created or are offering. Truthfully, she loves this particular brand so much I don’t think it would have mattered whether they’d have been in the sale or not, she usually wants everything they release.

Isn’t that we all want for our businesses?

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We all have those clients that love each and every single thing we do. It’s brilliant when we ‘get’ a client that we connect with, where we understand what they need, and are able to help them.

So what do we need to do if we want to start wowing our clients? Here are 3 top things to work on to make it all come together;

1. Ask your ideal client what they need

So often we can go about our own sweet business, coming up with lots of creative new ideas for sharing as programmes/content/packages for our clients, but what if we’ve got it wrong?

I spend a lot of time talking to my clients/potential clients about what they need support with. I want to understand what their drivers are, what they struggle with, what their ideal day would be like and how I can help. This gives me valuable information on what to create for them.

I have stopped creating two programmes now, purely because they just weren’t right. I wouldn’t have known that had I not had those conversations.

Think of ways that you can connect with people to figure out what they need. What market research could you do? I’ve got a freebie over on my website, called A Strategy To Get Paying Clients which you can download. Click here for your copy.

2. Know the benefits of working with you

Why should people work with you? I know when I get asked this question I find it incredibly difficult to answer. I recently did a fantastic course with Adrienne Dorison, called Simplified Sales, and one of the things she asked us to do as an exercise was list 100 benefits of working with you. I got super stuck. It’s just one of those things I find difficult to articulate – I know I help my clients feel more confident, to step up and be more visible, to keep taking steps on building their businesses, to be consistent but 100 – seriously?! She told me to keep digging and I got there. If you can’t share what your benefits are to others, how will they be able to know whether you’re the one to work with or not?

3. Work on getting your message across clearly

I was reading a little snippet on the front of Natasha’s ‘I Love…’ Pink Marshmallow bubble bath.

Which one do you prefer – Pink bubble bath or what ‘I Love…’ put… ‘Feel scrumptious with a sweet burst of delicious pink marshmallows’. I prefer the second one, it gets into how I will feel when I use that bubble bath.

Personally, I don’t do pink bubbles though, I’m more of a Molton Brown, Oudh Accord & Gold myself (which my hubby is allergic to by the way! I can only use it in the shower when he’s out – typical!) Sorry, I digress – if I did like pink it might help me to make a decision more quickly, just by the wording they’ve used.

I often say to my clients, that it doesn’t matter what you do to help your client, as in what accounting system you might use to help them, what hair product, what coaching tool you use. What matters is how you make them feel. How will working with you make them feel? Will they feel they have more clarity, feel more relaxed, healthier, confident? That’s what you need to get across in your marketing messages.

Bonus tip: You obviously need to be good at what you do too!

So a quick recap to wow and excite your ideal clients:

  1. Ask your ideal client what they need
  2. Know the benefits of working with you
  3. Work on getting your message across clearly

Your call to action this week is to choose one of the three areas and take one action step on it. Ping me an email if you want me to hold you accountable. I just love kicking butt!

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