In today’s post, I’m sharing a recording of a Rocking Your Visibility Interview that I was part of recently. It was hosted by Rachel Smith of The Business Grower. I share lots of actionable tips for being more visible in your business, things that you can implement in your business today. Scroll down to listen, just click the play button.

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The funny background story on this is that Rachel and I had held the Blab the previous day, but it didn’t get recorded so we had to do it again. On the day we went to re-record my camera went down, so you couldn’t see me. Oh the irony – when I’m all about being more visible in business!

If you have used Blab yet (Awww, shucks, you missed, but don’t worry – you can still access some fabulous freebies here), I highly recommend it. I’m planning to do lots of Blab interviews with people over the coming months, to help you Rock Your Visibility, so watch this space.

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