In this blog post, I will share how by looking at your goal differently you can create fast results in your business.


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I want to tell you a story.

I’ve spent the past couple of years, talking about and writing a little bit of a book. I had the outline of a book and then after spending some time writing it I realised that I wanted to grow more in my business before finishing it. I know it sounds like a procrastination tactic, but genuinely I know this particular book will be better once I’ve personally achieved more things in my own business, I’ll have more to share then.

Enter the next book idea, which was going to be all about visibility. I knew I wanted to write it, I’d started writing it.

  • I bought the Scrivener app – check
  • I brainstormed loads of ideas from old content – check
  • I broke that down into lots of different sections – check

I was writing it.

Then reality hit – I knew we were moving twice in one year and that realistically it would be a bit too much with everything else going on in my life. I was procrastinating with it because I knew it wouldn’t get done this year and I got a bit despondent.

Until one day when I was chatting to my friend about it, saying that I’d love to do it but that it was a bit too much for this year. As we talked, I had an a-ha moment – what about if I just used what I already had and created a little book, instead of what I call a book-book (Totally inspired by the funny Ikea ad from a couple of years ago for that name!)

I shared with her how I’d hoped to have had a book to bring with me to my upcoming speaking gig, and that I just hadn’t been able to pull it off.

So my friend and I played around with ideas of how I could create the book on a smaller scale and have something simple to bring with me when I delivered my talk. I knew I had a LOT of content, so it was a matter of figuring out what I could pull together into a book.

I had been thinking about writing something around the visibility tips that I share on my social media platforms. They’ve always been really popular and lots of people have messaged me either asking for more of them, telling me off for not posting them enough, or thanking me for helping them take small actions on visibility in their businesses.

So, it wasn’t just a ‘let me pull something out of the hat’ moment but there was the consideration of the commercial element too. (Super important or I could have been throwing away income focusing on this instead of other projects I was working on)

So, Sophie Jewry, my said friend, happens to have a design and print business. She told me she’d design the format of the book for me and I would just need to provide the content.

My book, Little Book of Visibility Tips, went from concept to a physical book in my hands in just THREE weeks. It just goes to show what you can pull off.

What made this work?

  1. Talking about how you’re feeling in your business with your friends – If I’d have kept my disappointment to myself my little book would have stayed something that would happen ‘next year’
  2. Having the amazing friend in the first place – Yes you could pull this off with a new print and design company, but having someone in it with you made all the difference. Sophie wanted me to get my book out there as much as I did. This spurred me on to get it done already!
  3. Knowing WHY I wanted the book – I didn’t just want a book for the sake of it. I had a purpose. My goal was to have a book that I could use for speaking gigs, giveaways, client gifts, a product to sell and more. My immediate goal was to be able to bring a book with me to my next speaking gig to use as a giveaway from the stage and to sell at the event too
  4. Rearranging my other work – If I wanted to pull this off in 3 weeks to allow for design, print and delivery then there were other things that needed to be dropped. I knew that this would need to become a priority over other things
  5. Taking fast action & declaring it publicly – I took fast action, but to make me more focused I told people that the book was coming. I posted in my groups and on social media. Once the book was designed we shared some images to say it was coming and I got pre-orders.

Over To You

What big goals are you putting off, either as an excuse because of fear, or because of genuine issues that might be holding you back?

Suspending disbelief for a moment, what might happen if you committed to finding a different way to achieve that goal, by chunking it down into something smaller.

What’s next for me and my writing?

Well this year still is the busiest year but I’ve got another two little books on the list to create by the end of 2018. (See what I did there – I declared it publicly)

Now I know I can pull them together so fast, it would be mad not to create more. I wonder what other goals I could chunk down this year too!

Call to Action: Your call to action this week is to run through your goals list and decide if there are things that you could be doing, if you just broke them into micro projects instead of major ones.

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Also, I would love to interview Ladies, Countesses, Princesses & Queens on my podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz. I’ll be asking you all about what you do on visibility right now, what’s working for you, what’s not and where you’d like to be. If you’re interested then apply for your spot here – In order for your application to be considered, you’ll need to have completed the quiz though as I’ll need to know what you’ve scored etc.



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