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ZenFlow Workshops – Beginner Zentangle®️ Workshops for Corporations & Charities


Welcome to a world where stress fades away, creativity thrives, and productivity soars! Are you ready to transform your workplace into a sanctuary of tranquillity and innovation? Look no further! My ZenFlow workshops offer the perfect solution for your corporation or charity.


What is Zentangle?


Zentangle is more than just drawing; it’s a mindful art form that cultivates relaxation, focus, and creative expression. At its core, Zentangle is a method of creating intricate patterns using simple strokes and repetitive shapes. It’s a therapeutic practice that encourages individuals to embrace each moment, one pen stroke at a time. By engaging in Zentangle, participants enter a state of flow, where stress melts away, and mindfulness takes centre stage. The beauty of Zentangle lies in its accessibility; anyone can pick up a pen and paper and begin their journey of self-discovery through this meditative art form. With Zentangle, there are no mistakes, only opportunities for creative exploration and personal growth.


Why Zentangle?


In today’s fast-paced world, stress is an unwelcome guest in every workplace. Employees juggle deadlines, meetings, and responsibilities, often leaving little room for relaxation and creative expression. That’s where Zentangle comes in!

Zentangle is not just art; it’s a mindful practice that fosters relaxation, focus, and creative thinking. Rooted in simple patterns and repetitive strokes, Zentangle empowers individuals to tap into their innate creativity, reduce stress levels, and enhance mental clarity.



What I Offer:


Tailored Beginner Classes

My ZenFlow Workshops are specifically designed for individuals with little to no artistic experience, but anyone is welcome. I provide step-by-step guidance on creating structured patterns (tangles), ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the process. Despite what people think, they CAN draw. These workshops offer a supportive environment where participants can explore their creativity without fear of judgment or perfectionism. Through Zentangle, individuals discover the joy of self-expression and find calm in the rhythmic flow of pen on paper. Zentangle is a journey of mindfulness, discovery, and artistic fulfilment.

Flexible Scheduling

Having been in a senior HR role for 11 years, I understand the demands of a corporate environment. That’s why I offer flexible scheduling options, allowing you to integrate Zentangle classes seamlessly into your organisation’s calendar.

Engaging Sessions

With interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.

Subscription Plan

Take your commitment to employee well-being up a notch with a subscription plan for ongoing mindfulness support through Zentangle, This plan offers your team regular Zentangle sessions, ensuring they have a consistent way to relax, de-stress, and get creative. Whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly workshops, we can tailor the plan to fit your organisation’s needs. By subscribing, you’re giving your employees a reliable resource for stress relief and mental clarity. Plus, it shows you’re serious about supporting their well-being and fostering a culture of continuous growth. Regular Zentangle sessions give you a calmer, more creative, and more productive workplace. Invest in your team’s happiness and watch the positive effects ripple throughout your organisation.


Why Work With Me?



Aside from being an Accredited Master Coach and Accredited Master Mentor, Trainer, Speaker and Author, I’m also a Certified Zentangle Teacher passionate about making Zentangle accessible and enjoyable for all. My last role before setting up my coaching/mentoring business in 2012 was Head of HR, so I understand the implications of giving staff time away from the office to undergo training. I also know that reducing stress levels can help with absence management, conflict resolution and even staff retention.


All-Inclusive Packages


I offer Zoom virtual sessions, with or without materials. From materials to instruction, I take care of everything! My all-inclusive packages include high-quality Zentangle materials, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your team.

Customisable Workshops


Whether you’re planning a one-time event or a series of workshops, I offer customisable packages to fit your organisation’s needs and budget. I also provide Zentangle sessions that other coaches, mentors, and trainers can incorporate into their programmes, offering a creative and relaxing break to support well-being throughout their sessions.

A fabulous virtual session via Zoom in Wiltshire 🙂

International Coaching Week Group Zentangle Session

Benefits for Your Organisation


Stress Reduction: Combat workplace stress and promote employee well-being with these Zentangle classes. By engaging in a mindful creative practice, participants will experience reduced stress levels and increased resilience.

Enhanced Creativity: Unlock the full potential of your team’s creativity! Zentangle encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration within your organisation.

Improved Focus and Productivity: Employees can recharge their minds and boost productivity by taking a break to engage in Zentangle. Studies have shown that incorporating mindful activities like Zentangle can enhance focus and concentration, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction.

Team Building: Strengthen bonds and foster camaraderie among team members through shared creative experiences. My Zentangle workshops provide a unique opportunity for colleagues to connect, communicate, and collaborate in a relaxed setting.





“Ruby’s workshop is amazing. She creates a fun and curious atmosphere. I encourage you to try out Zentangle. I love it already!” Gail Gibson, Executive Leadership Coach.


“Highly recommended. Great activity for de-stressing, very absorbing, and a great teacher too”. Aurora Dawn Campbell, Business Director, IAPC&M.


“Ruby is a fabulous Teacher, clear, concise, and comprehensive. I learnt loads in just 2 hours and am inspired to do more. Thanks, Ruby”. Geraldine Kelly, Executive and Business Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Speaker, Writer.


Ruby came along and did a couple of workshops with the Girvan Friendship Group. Most of us had already decided we couldn’t draw but were up for a challenge. Ruby made it very easy for us to follow, and lo and behold those of us that couldn’t draw, could! Zentangle is very relaxing and great fun. We all enjoyed learning the different techniques and cannot wait to have Ruby back”. Natalie Hibbins, Girvan Friendship Group.


Let’s Get Started!


Don’t let stress hold your organisation back. Embrace the power of Zentangle and watch your workplace culture transform! Contact me today to book your Zentangle Destress Beginner Classes and take the first step toward a more relaxed, creative, and productive environment.

Ready to destress and unleash creativity? Let’s Zentangle together!

Drop me an email at ruby@rubymcguire.com to learn more. I look forward to working with you!






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