Part 1 of 7 Rock Your Mindset

In this episode you’ll learn: How working on your mindset is the number one thing you need to be working on to be visible in your business How to create a powerful story to support your business success A simple mindset hack for challenging your limiting beliefs...

The Do's & Don'ts of Copywriting

Why you need to be clear on what you do The main mistakes people make when writing their copy What you might be taking for granted (you might not really know what your clients want/need) Why you need to stop getting your features and benefits in a tizzy Why you...
Why You Need To Be Super Clear About Your Niche

Why You Need To Be Super Clear About Your Niche

But there are also experts who know loads about one thing, one particular area. That one would definitely be more me, haha. The second type of expert is the one that will bring in more business. Why? Because they know so much about what they do. They stand out from...

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