In this blog post, I will share 5 things you need if you want your visibility to be successful.


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I often get asked if being visible really relates to getting results in your business.

The honest answer is that it depends.

On lots of things.

If you want your visibility to be successful, here’s 5 things you need:

  1. You need to know who you serve and how you can help

If you don’t get this piece of the puzzle right, then it doesn’t matter how visible you are, it just won’t be worth your efforts.

You CAN bring in clients, today or tomorrow, but you need to be super clear on who you are, what you offer and how you help.

I have a 5* model that I use to support my clients:

Connect with your passion – Get really clear on where your strengths lie. What do people come to you about? What do you love to do? What could you talk about for hours on end? What makes your heart sing? When you connect with your passion you’ll be speaking from the heart in your messaging and you’ll never run out of things to say. That passion will ooze out of you and people will want to find out more.

Connect with your dreamies – Get super clear on who you want to work with and how you help. This isn’t just about creating the boring client ‘avatar’, it’s about digging really deep. How can you create an emotional connection with your dreamie clients so that they identify with you? It’s also about working out where they are.

Connect with your offers – Once you know your passion and your dreamies then you really need to figure out what you want to offer. There needs to be a demand for what you’re offering, unless you’re completely unique and have an outstanding idea where you get to create the demand. Because you’ve already done the work and understand who they are and what support they need (in the Dreamies stage) then you’ll be clearer on what you need to create.

Connect with your message – Now you have steps 1-3 in place (what I call the sweet spot) you can then figure out what you want to say. This means when you put your messages out there people will understand what it is that you can help them with.

Now, there is a caveat with this, as when you’re just starting out you don’t always know who you want to work with, or how you can help. What I’d suggest there is to write out what you don’t want, in terms of clients, type of work etc. That way you’ll have a shortlist of what might work for you. You can then choose one to focus on for a while to ‘test’ it out and see if you like it.

Connect with your tribe – This is the real visibility piece. How are you going to get your message out there? – Video, guest posts, Facebook Lives, Instagram, blog posts, newsletters, groups etc. When thinking about this, I’d always suggest that you pick the ones you find the most fun. You’re much more likely to a) do them then and b) do them well.

Do this: Figure out these 5 areas and you’ll find things become a lot easier once you have.

  1. You need to be consistent

Just rocking up occasionally isn’t going to get you noticed. You need to take consistent action towards your goals. As an introvert, honestly, I’d love to just rock up now and then, but in reality that won’t bring in new business, and, well, I did kinda sign up to this whole visibility thing, didn’t I?! Gotta practice what I preach!

There are ways that you can be consistent though without you always doing it – scheduling is one, getting some support is another. Do this: Decide how much time you can commit to being visible and then split it up into smaller parts, i.e. I can spent 2.5 hours a week being visible. That then becomes 30-minutes a day of visibility, so in that 30-minutes I will do xxx.

It might be something like this – “I will commit to doing 30-minutes every day on my visibility. I will do one Facebook live a week, connect with 3 people and share one post a day on social media.” etc. (You’ll probably have time left with all of that!)

  1. You need to make sure you’re investing your time in the right things and not just being visible for the sake of it

In business, there are always a million and one things you can do, the list won’t stop growing. So you need to consider whether you’re working smarter or harder. This one has honestly taken me a LONG time to do better. I was great at pushing and hustling, to the point of exhaustion.

Over time I realised that if I want to bring in business I needed to make sure that I did the right things in the right places. There’s no point trying to sell pizzas to people that are gluten free (unless of course you offer gluten free pizzas!) You need to be in the right places, places where your dreamie clients are. If you don’t know who they are, then go back to step 1.

Just being visible will help you feel good. For a while. Then it becomes clear that this strategy doesn’t work. So focus on being visible in the right places, you’ll spend less time on it and get better results.

Do this: Check where you’re investing your time. Are you in the right places? Are you in places that will bring you dreamie clients?

  1. You need to be super focused

If you’re constantly being distracted you will get nowhere.  You have to have single minded determination on what you want to achieve in your business. I’ve been doing the 90 Day Year programme by Todd Herman, and while I was pretty focused, I’m now super focused, and won’t let other things distract me. My goals are written the day before for the day ahead, and I stick to those goals.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my brain wants to go ALL over the place, to check in on Facebook, make a phone call, check my diary, or my personal nemesis of checking emails constantly, so I have to ask myself, “Is this helping me achieve my goal of xxx?”. If ‘yes’, then great, carry on, if ‘no’, then I need to get back to my goal pronto. I work with one of my business besties and we can both easily distract each other and even though we’re talking work, it’s not helping us achieve our goals. I sometimes have to ignore the fabulous video that she sends that will help me with something in my biz and park it to review another day, instead of taking myself off track.

Luckily she knows me well enough now to know that when I send a message back saying, “Nope, not looking at this right now. #SuperFocus”, that it doesn’t mean I’m not interested, it just means it’s not my priority right now.

Do this: Keep a track of where your time is going? Notice if you’re setting goals, and then test that those goals are actually going to get you to your bigger goal.

  1. Notice what’s working/what’s not working

You can spend a lot of hours thinking something’s working when it’s not. My hubby taught me a problem-solving strategy years ago called PDCA, which is an acronym for Plan-Do-Check-Act. This is how I choose to run my business. I’m always reviewing what is giving me ROI (return on investment). This helps you to avoid doing jobs that aren’t beneficial. This is why in my Rock Your Visibility programme we only work on one area of visibility a month. That way you can test your ROI.

I also do this with my teamies constantly. I ask, ‘Can we do this a quicker, easier way?” That way they aren’t spending time on mundane tasks. We’re always looking at ways to make things more efficient. Efficiency = having a life!

Do this: Do a review of what’s working and what’s not. Ask yourself if it’s given you a good ROI of your time.

A quick recap for making visibility work better for you.

  1. Know who you serve and how you can help
  2. Be consistent
  3. Work smarter, not harder
  4. Be super focused
  5. Review and adapt

As I say to my clients, if money is an issue it can be worth getting work while you build up your business. Visibility isn’t quick – yes you can get some instant results, but when you’re in business you need to be in it for the long-term and visibility produces results over time. If you get work/continue work as you grow your business, then it will take the pressure off and you’ll enjoy it more as it’s not just about bringing in the money then.

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