Test which level of visibility you’re at in my fun Visibility Quiz, and learn lots of tips to get you on the road to being a Visibility Queen!

NB. I’m not being sexist here, just working with my 95% female audience. I do work with guys too though, my experience has been that they just don’t tend to want to do quizzes like us girls, so for any of you that don’t want to be called female royalty of any kind and do want to do the quiz – feel free to replace with whatever words work for you.

  • How can you attract more clients into your business?
  • Where are you hiding away and playing it small in your business? (sometimes you think you’re doing enough, but are you being visible in the right places?)
  • How can you get really focused on key areas that are going to be the right fit for your ideal client? (it’s time to get smarter)

VISIBILITY! AARGHHH….how do I do it? Bet you’re wondering why it seems so easy for everyone else yet you’re struggling every day. I know you love what you do and I bet you already know how to be more visible but is fear and self-doubt holding you back? There are so many ways to build visibility in your business, where do you even start?

Imagine this;

  • You’re feeling confident and excited about sharing your business with others
  • Your business is finally being seen
  • You’re feeling in control of your marketing
  • You’re attracting your ideal clients
  • People are talking about what you do and sharing your content with others
  • You’re feeling more confident promoting your business

Take this quiz and get clear on;

  • What you need to be doing differently to raise visibility in your business
  • What areas you need to focus on today
  • What your very next steps need to be to get your business seen

 It’s time to not only boost your business but boost your confidence too

This is what people are saying about the quiz…

  • “Wow! Just downloaded to my phone. It’s incredibly thorough. A fantastic free download. It’s given me an idea for a blog post and download for my business.”
  • “This has really sparked some ideas for me.”
  • “Some really useful ideas here. This is going to help me to pull together an action plan.”
  • “Wow, I didn’t realise how much I wasn’t doing to promote my business.”

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