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I was being coached this week and we were talking about my big goals for 2017 and how, while they excite me, they almost don’t excite me enough.

As we got talking about the numbers I’d set for myself, I realised that while it’s important to have numbers, what I want isn’t really about how much I have in the bank. Now I’m not saying I want to run a hobby, but I know that if I’m going to be motivated to achieve my big goals I need to know what they lead to, or there isn’t that pull to make me want to go all out for them.

I know that money is going to fund a lot of what I want to be, do and have in life, but it’s not the driver for doing what I do, and that’s pretty fundamental. If you don’t know why you want the money and what it’s for specifically, then how can you get super excited about it? Also, there’s that whole thing about money likes to know where it’s going, so if I don’t know then it’s got no chance!

Sure, you can spend all the time in the world planning and coming up with amazing ideas, but you also need to ‘buy into’ that plan or you’re wasting your time.

What I said was that I’m not doing this biz thing to get fancy shoes with the latest label on, or the most beautiful, high-price tagged clothes. I’m doing this whole business thing to get experiences, and bigger than that – I want to help the homeless. Ultimately, I have big dreams about how I can help and want to use my business to leverage that income so that I can be a philanthropist. I’ve actually got an unspoken (so far) desire to help people in secret too, so they don’t know where the money has come from. How amazing would that be?


It’s okay not to want to be a ‘six-figure coach’ that buys designer shoes, or designer bags, AND it’s okay to be that coach if that’s what you want to. This is about being honest and true to who you are. I get excited about handbags, and like a nicely priced Modalu, so I’m not getting precious about not having the finer things in life. What I’m saying is figure out what you want to earn the money in your business for. Connect wholly with yourself and figure out what lights you up, not what you think others expect of you.

If you’ve been around a while, you know I probably spend more money on books and card-making supplies than I do on clothes. I can’t help it, there’s this whole debate going on in my head of ‘oooh, but I could buy xxx books and xxx lots of gorgeous new crafting supplies’. Do I really need it? (Obviously, when it comes to ‘need’, books are absolute necessity – you get that, right?!

Don’t get sucked in by the numbers, get sucked in by the difference you can make when you get your business running super successfully. If talking about money stories brings up all your money shizzle then work on those blocks.

Think about the difference you can make to the world when you show up 100% authentically you, with just one intention, your bigger purpose.

This is why when I work with clients I ask them what their big ‘why’ is. I want them to connect to their bigger goal, to understand why they are doing what they do. I’ve said in the past my big why is to rid the world of grumpy people! By that, I mean people who are unfulfilled, dissatisfied with life and know that it can be better, and it can – we just need to create it. My bigger goal is to help people who are homeless.

As my coach rightly told me, if you aren’t connected with your purpose and have an honest belief inside about what you’re doing then your attempts will only go so far. You’re not showing up as you. 29So think about how you can connect with yourself – really understand yourself on such a deep level that you know without a shadow of a doubt why you do what you do, who you do your best work with, and how you can help. Know your super powers, that’s what we want you to share. Then when you go out there and share your message, showing up exactly as you are, imperfectly perfect, fabulous things will happen.

Spend some time taking stock of what you’re building. Make sure you’re building the right things in your business, for the right reasons. Be honest with yourself about why you do what you do, and what you hope it will bring to you. Be proud of all of the reasons you want what you want, whether that’s shoes and bags or to help the homeless, or a combination of both. Your dreams aren’t selfish, they’re your dreams, so go all out there and get them. Just make sure they excite you enough to do that.

So if putting a financial figure on your goals isn’t quite hitting the mark with you either, spend time working out what that money will buy you. When you’re manifesting what you want, you’ll actually know what it is instead of all that guesswork, so it’s a win: win.

If the thought of setting yourself any kind of big financial goal for your business this year terrifies the pants off you, and how you’re going to be visible enough in your business to get it, then jump on a free 20-minute call with me. Let’s talk about how I can help you move past the fear so that this year can be your best one yet! One where you get connected, visible and profitable.

Your call to action this week: Do a check-in. Do your business goals excite you enough? What do you REALLY want?


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